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This is the current audiovisual collection of The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (NISV), one of the most important Dutch audiovisual archives, which collects, looks after, and provides access to over 70% of the Dutch audio-visual heritage. This version of the collection uses data from DAAN, the new media management system for NISV, which went into use in July 2018. The metadata model of DAAN is different to that of the previous media management system, so you will notice differences in the metadata compared to the old Audiovisual Collection. In principle, the same metadata is available, but the names of the fields and their structure have changed.

The import of this collection is not yet complete. It contains most of the items that were in the old Audiovisual Collection, and many new items from recent years. Not all items have had their media imported, the number of items with media will increase as the import progresses.

The following figures give answers to common questions about the composition of this collection:

What part of the collection is included in the Media Suite?

Via the Media Suite, The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision offers access to its entire audiovisual collection. The initial import of this collection into the Media Suite is still running, so not all items from the old Audiovisual Collection are available. The collection already contains many new items that were not available in the old collection, however, it does not yet contain every recent item.

What years does the archive cover?

The NISV audiovisual collection includes items from 1877 to the present day. items-over-time

Figure 1: Number of programs in the archive over time

As the import is not yet complete, not all items are present. This includes both recent items and items that were in the old Audiovisual Collection. The difference is visible in the graph below: comparison-items-over-time

Figure 2: Number of programs in the new archive (DAAN) compared to those in the old archive (iMMIx)

How often is the data updated in the Media Suite?

This collection is currently being imported, so it is not yet complete. Once complete, it will be updated daily.

What kind of media is included?


Figure 3: Distribution of items over material type distribution-over-media

Figure 4: Distribution of programmes over media

What portion of the collection is digital?


Figure 5: Percentage of material that is digital over time

Does the collection include enrichments?

Progressively, the NISV audiovisual collection is being enriched with automatic speech recognition (ASR) transcripts. The old Audiovisual Collection contains many ASR transcripts. These have not yet been transferred to the new collection, this will happen in due course. New ASR transcripts will be added to this collection over time.

More recent items in the NISV collection contain face recognition, speaker recognition and extracted thesaurus labels. These will be made available in the Media Suite in due course.

Where to find more information?

How to search in this collection?

To search the content of this collection, use the Media Suite’s Search tools.

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