Audiovisual Collection

This is the audiovisual collection of The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (NISV), one of the most important Dutch audiovisual archives, which collects, looks after, and provides access to over 70% of the Dutch audio-visual heritage.

The following figures give answers to common questions about the composition of this collection:

What part of the collection is included in the Media Suite?

Via the Media Suite, The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision offers access to its entire audiovisual collection, consisting of 1’486.803 hours (as July, 2018).

What years does the archive cover?

The NISV audiovisual collection includes items from 1877 to present.


Figure 1: Number of programs in the archive over time

How often is the data updated in the Media Suite?

The latest update to the Media Suite's data from NISV has been done in July, 2018. Due to internal work on the new archive's media management system (DAAN), the new updates will become daily again from 2019.

What kind of media is included?


Figure 2: Distribution of programmers over distribution channels

What portion of the collection is digital?


Figure 3: Percentage of material that is digital over time

Does the collection include enrichments?

Progressively, the NISV audiovisual collection is being enriched with automatic speech recognition (ASR) transcripts. ASR enrichments are available for the following items:

  • Radio 1 (Hilversum 1, Radio 1, NPO Radio 1)
  • Radio 5 (Hilversum 5, Radio 747, 747 AM, Radio 5, NPO Radio 5, NPO Radio 5 Nostalgia)
  • Source catalogs (items from the Radio Programma, Weken Nederlandse Radio, and Hoorspelen collections)
  • Television (news and current affairs)

The process is still ongoing. This is the status on November 2018:


Figure 4. ASR availability over time (This graph shows the number of programmes with a speech recognition transcript available per year (green). The yellow bars are the audio-visual programmes that are waiting for ASR, the red bars the audio-visual programmes that cannot currently be processed with speech recognition, as they have no copy in the media archive.)

Where to find more information?

How to search in this collection?

To search the content of this collection, use the Media Suite’s Search tools.

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