Willy Lindwer, AVA Productions BV

Documentary filmmaker and television producer Willy Lindwer has been a director and producer since graduating from the Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam in 1971. For many years he was on the program staff of several Dutch broadcasters. He founded his company AVA Productions in 1985. Currently he heads two TV-companies, AVA Productions in The Netherlands and Terra Film Productions in Jerusalem, Israel. These companies are dedicated to the development and production of international documentaries and co-productions for television, made-for-TV and theatrical movies and TV mini-series.

Willy Lindwer's films and series are distributed world wide.

Willy Lindwer was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1946. His parents fled Poland and Ukraine in the 1930's and settled in Amsterdam. They were among the 10% of Jews in Holland who survived the Holocaust.

Bron: http://www.willylindwer.com/profile.php